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Weekly tutorial
Tutorial Name: Vibrant Tones
Tutorial Author: Pixel Digest
Weekly tutorial

Tutorial Name: HD2 Wallpapers
Tutorial Author: Trick Digest

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Vibrant Tones
In this tutorial you will teach you how to how to create custom tones for the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. With this tutorial you will be able to change the Alarm, Notification, Ringtone, and ui sounds. Follow this simple tutorial and learn how.
Face Paint
In this tutorial learn how to blend your countries flag over your face usingAdobe Photoshop. This is a simple process that any beginner can follow. Follow that tutorial and learn how to recreate this effect. If you are having problems feel free to contact us.
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SSH into iPhone
SSH Into iPhone without Wifi

In this tutorial i will show you how to ssh into your iphone with out wifi. Its very simple and no more worries about losing connection with an unstable wifi connection. This process allows you to view the iphone directories and add files to your phone. Its Follow this tutorial, if you have any questions feel free to email us at admin(at)trickdigest.com.

Step 1:

First download these two files winscp and itunnel. This file will allow you to login to your iphone. Also, go into the iphone general setting and turn off Auto-Lock.

While your on the iphone go into installer and download OpenSSH. Open and run Make iTunnel


When you open the iTunnel window all you will see is the dos screen below.


Step 2:

With that window still open, Open and run winscp. Connect your iphone using the usb cable. In Winscp fill in the information shown below.


Click Login, when you click login you will see the window

Step 3:

After doing that you will see the window below, if you ssh into your iphone before using wifi you will recognize this window.

Here is where you can add sms tones, Roms, themes and other modifications.


And you are finished. Here is a video example, click here.

This Tutorial was Created By Trick Digest
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